Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
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Solutions Overview

Web Solutions

BEA develop custom web solutions that are tailored specifically to address your unique business needs.

Software Solutions

Leverage our substantial experience in creating data based applications with easy to use interfaces (GUI’S).

ICT Consultancy

Lets our expertise guide you through your ICT strategy,implementation and delivery of your unique needs though our proven methodlogies and resources.

ICT Consultancy


we provide consultancy,implementation and solutions on the following;

Briefy we do;

  • Networking & Cabling
  • Internet Solutions
  • CCTV Installation & remote viewing
  • Computer wares resellers & suppliers
  • Project management
  • Training & development
  • ICT strategy consultancy & development

  • Why BEA
    By offering the above services, we help our customers by:
  • Providing strategic vision to our customers
  • Enabling them to cut costs by increasing return on investment
  • Providing right solutions to companies stuck with vendor and proprietary technologies
  • Helping customers protect, restore and share data thereby ensuring continuous availability of data and other key enterprise resources
  • Providing innovative solutions that help them achieve target end results.