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Solutions Overview

Web Solutions

BEA develop custom web solutions that are tailored specifically to address your unique business needs.

Software Solutions

Leverage our substantial experience in creating data based applications with easy to use interfaces (GUI’S).

ICT Consultancy

Lets our expertise guide you through your ICT strategy,implementation and delivery of your unique needs though our proven methodlogies and resources.

Web Solutions


BEA develop custom web solutions that are tailored specifically to address your unique business needs. We do Web Design & Client/Server Applications for both (B2B AND B2C Platforms) using the latest technologies such as , Fireworks, Flash, HTML,and Javascript,Ajax,CSS/XHTML, CGI, XML, Active Server Pages, PHP-Mysql etc respectively.

Briefy we do;

  • Provide in-house Web application design & development.
  • Provide in-house/onsite Web application design & development customization
  • Search Engine Submission to popular search engines
  • Web marketing plus Site analyzing & tracking
  • Web design, development & Support in key technologies such as Ajax, Microsoft Technologies, Sun systems etc in both open source and closed platforms.
  • Social media implementation and strategy advisory
  • Logo & Branding graphics

  • Other Web Services;
  • local Intranet Web Development
  • local Extranet Web Development

  • Why BEA
    Web solutions from BEA:
  • Are well scripted for search optimization and search engine submission.
  • Are tailored to be compatible to multi-cross platform browsers.
  • Are easy to navigate and understand.
  • Are scalable to accommodate possible future requirements for system extension;
  • Are secured by BEA extended solution maintenance and support;
  • Provide your employees, customers or suppliers with fast, secure and reliable data access;
  • Provide optimized architecture to guarantee high performance characteristics
  • Come with a clear cut color harmonization to suit the client’s company colors.

  • What BEA offers

    BEA has a proven track record of delivering fully integrated B2B and B2C solutions for enterprises across a variety of industries. Your users will be able to access and operate the BEA system from any location via a conventional Internet browser. We invite you to experience BEA expertise in Web based solution development;